“I Thought I Was Too Smart For Scammers”, Lady Who Got Defrauded Laments

Internet fraud has become the order of the day in most part of the world now, and one would believe, with the similar pattern they operate, no one can never get trapped in their web of deceit.

That was how this beautiful lady Elizabeth Nkwanzi, a Ugandan social media influencer and entrepreneur felt, but her doubts were made clear today, that anyone could fell victim.

According to her lamentation, via her Facebook page, she had ordered a phone from eBay, unknown to her, it was a fraudulent person that was on the other end.

By the time she realized and contacted ebay, it was too late, as she had already wired the money to the account of the fraudster.

The annoying part of the whole thing is, she already bought phone pouch and screen protector for the phone she was expecting, only for her to get scammed. She has since asked anyone interested, with similar phone she had ordered to come take the screen guard and other accessories for the phone.

Read her short but sad story hereunder 👇:

“Thought I was too smart for internet scams until this happened to me, sad bit is by the time EBay realized it was a fake account the transaction had already been successfully done, they couldn’t see it since I had transferred the money onto his private account . Incase you have a similar phone I could give you that jacket and a screen protector that I had bought l.”

Please dear readers, be careful before you consummate online transactions as most of them turn out to be fake and fraudulent.

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