Go For “HIV” Test If You Experience These Symptoms In Your Body System.

Most Nigerians are not aware of their HIV (Human Immune Virus) status. This is very bad and dangerous because the early symptoms of HIV might not be noticeable.

It’s advisable to know your HIV status in order for you not to spread the disease. There are many symptoms or signs to know someone that have contracted the human immune virus.

Go For “HIV” Test If You Experience These Symptoms In Your Body System.
1) Several Infections In Your Body System.

Whenever you start to experience different kinds of infections in your body, there are possibilities that you might have been infected with HIV. This is because HIV mostly attack and damage the immune system and it makes it to be unable to fight infections.

Some of the infections you might experience are pneumonia, tuberculosis and other diseases.
2) Skin sores and skin rashes.

This is a common symptom of HIV, skin diseases are one of the prevalent symptoms of HIV in the body. The skin diseases might include skin rashes and sores.
3) Menstrual Changes.

This symptom is only seen in ladies. They might experience changes in their menstrual cycle if they become infected with this disease.
4) Swollen Glands.

This is a common symptom that most HIV patients experience, some of their glands known as lymph nodes will swell up. These lymph nodes can be found in the neck, armpit and other places.
5) Fever and constant sweating at night.
6) Might suffer from pelvic inflammatory diseases (This disease is mostly seen in ladies).
7) Having Nausea and Vomiting everytime.
8) Persistent Diarrhoea.

So, it would be nice to go for “HIV” test if you experience these symptoms in your body system.

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