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Talented Boy Fabricates ATM machine That Dispenses Cash In Imo State – VIDEO

Talented Boy Fabricates an ATM machine That Dispenses Cash In Imo State, watch the Video below.A little boy from Imo State has gone viral after he locally manufactured an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) that dispenses cash,

From The Information Gathered By our reporter, The Boy fabricated ATM machine in Imo State.

In the video which is now trending on social media, onlookers who spoke in Igbo language could be heard asking the little boy to show them how the ATM works,

The boy then turned the ATM machine on, pressed some buttons, inserted something that looks like an ATM card and the machine began dispensing money.

It is still unclear what he used in ‘manufacturing’ the handmade Automated Teller Machine but one thing noticeable about his craft is the fact that it shares several similarities with an actual ATM – It has lights, uses an ATM card and also dispenses cash when some buttons are pressed.

As at the time of filing this report Obtained By our reporter, details of the boy are still scanty. An update will be made to that effect as soon as his details emerge.

Watch The Video

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