Man Captured On Camera Throwing A Little Boy Into A River – Watch Video

Am Ijaw man was seen throwing his Little son inside a very Big and wide river in the southern part of Nigeria.According to Wikipedia, the Ijaw people (also known by the subgroups “Ijo” or “Izon”) are people in Niger Delta, Nigeria.

Torixus reports that due to the riverine nature of their domain, they have established perfect relationship with all the rivers that surround them.

Inline with their attachment to rivers, the unnamed man was seen guiding more than 3 children on how to perfect swimming inside the river. He was seen throwing a little boy inside the water… Others within his age gab were also seen at the spot playing inside the river.

Many online users said that the occurrence is fun in Ijaw tribe , but is a suicide in other part/tribe in Nigeria. Because all the Ijaw family starts training their child only some days after birth. The first step is to throw the baby into the river, if it floats in the water it is interpreted to be an Ijaw and thus will be able to swim with proper training.””

The Video was posted on torixus Instagram page on Monday, September 14, and has gotten many people talking about the man’s action and the tribe that perfected children to swim on rivers at tender age.

Watch the Video below

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