Horrifying: Dead Man’s Body Refused To Leave His Compound To The Mortuary

Alot of strange things are happening round the world that are sometimes very difficult for humans to explain.On the 14th of September 2020, something very strange happened that the villagers and residents of Mukonge Village in Lugari Constituency South Africa, will never forget.

An old man identified as Mr Kepha Abukusi who is believed to be in his late 80s who recently died, was to be carried to the mortuary on the 14th of September 2020, but his body refused to leave his compound. According to a report from K24 News and people leaving in the area, the family of the man hired a van to transport the body to Chebaiywa mortuary.

To the surprise of everyone, the van refused to kick-start, but immediately the body was removed from the van it started moving. Out of fear, the first driver left.

The family hired another van but to their vain, the same experience happened with the second Van. They kept hiring one after another with the same experiences and engine failing, but upon offloading him the engine roars.

It was until the 4th and last trial that actually ended the same like it’s predecessors, they decided they will offer and perform traditional rituals to appease the departed into accepting their departure.

The nephew of the old man identified as Evams Odari, told K24 news that they were forced to return the body into his house due to his resistance to leave his homestead.

Do you think the spirit of the man was really angry?

Tell us What you think through the comment section below.

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