Python Bites Thai Teenager On His Joystick While Sitting On Toilet – VIDEO

A Thai teenager, identified as Siraphop Masukarat, has been hospitalized after a python snake bit the t!p of his p3nis as he sat on the toilet seat.The 18 year old went to the loo on Tuesday evening, when he felt an intense pain on his manh00d. As he looked down, he saw that the snake had bitten the t!p of his p3nis, with blood spurted on the toilet bowl.

This unfortunate incident took place in Nonthaburi, central Thailand, around 13 miles north of Bangkok.

Siraphop ran out of the toilet with his pants haIfway down. On sighting him, his mother called paramedics who rushed him to the nearby Bang Yai Hospital to have his wounded penis treated.

Doctors stitched the tip of the penis and treated the bite wound with antibiotic wash, to kill any bacteria from the python’s fangs.

Thai man is bitten on the p3nis by a python while sitting on the toilet, leaving his bathroom sprayed in blood

Siraphop Masukarat, 18, was bitten by the snake on Tuesday evening

He yelled in terror as he ran out of the bathroom in Nonthaburi, central Thailand

Teenager was rushed to hospital to have the injury on his p3nis treated


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