Sad Moment Catholic Priest Slumps And Died On The Altar During Sunday Mass – VIDEO

A Cameroonian Catholic Priest slumped and died while preaching during the Sunday mass on, August 30th, 2020.The shocking incident occurred on the altar during a Sunday mass in Deido, Cameroon.

According to multiple online reports, Rev. Fr. Jude, the Spiritual Director of Catholic Men Association (CMA) in Deido, was preaching the Homily while wearing a face mask before he paused for a moment and appeared to be struggling to breathe.


A few seconds later, the Priest slumped on the altar with other priests seen rushing to his aid as he fell, in the shocking video.


The video has been shared multiple times online, as many social media users have since sympathised with Rev. Fr. Jude’s family.


Watch the shocking moment below;

Former Chairman of National Human Rights Commission and lawyer, Chidi Odinkalu shared the video on Twitter on Sunday August 30 and wrote, “

Rev. Fr Jude., CMA, Spiritual Director of CMA Deido, in Cameroon’s commercial capital, Douala, was preaching the Homily at Mass earlier today when this happened #RIP.’


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