The Real Story Behind The Cameroonian Lady Who Was Murdered Few Hours After Dancing For Her Boyfriend

Who was the lady who separatist killed in Cameroon? Her name is Treasure Keno, from Batibo, Northwest region of Momo Division.Social media have been buzzing since the murder of a young girl by separatist fighters, Amba Boys in Bamenda.In a video that went viral on social media shows the lady dancing beside a man . The next thing, it show her laying in the pool of her bIood.

According to her family friend, John Wirkar, he said Treasure dropped out of school and was living a wayward life.

Some videos showed that she was raped before she was murdered and her body dumped along the road.

The Ambazonia forces dug hole, mounted a road block and killed a driver along Akum-Bamenda Road.

It was reported that Treasure was part of the Amba Boys before. One of them who got out of prison got information that Treasure was a spy and that she gives out information about them out.

Before she was killed, the separatist fighters used words like spy, traitor, blackleg while killing people. This Anglophone crisis started since 2016 and is becoming worse.

The Amba Boys claimed that the blacklegs showed the army their families and their members and they were killed in the crisis.

The right groups have condemned the killing, which is a violation of human rights for reasons that they were syp, blacklegs or friends with La Republic du Cameroon.

According to SWNOT, there shouldn’t be war against women, women love life and their right to live shouldn’t be decided in a conflict.

It was also stated that it wasn’t the first time separatist have killed people tagged as spy.

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