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Soak Unripe Pawpaw in Warm Water and Drink to Cure This Infection

Pawpaw is a kind of fruit which can be found mostly in every area , pawpaw is very rich in vitamins C, and E as well as minerals and its also use in cosmetic and in medicine for the production of drug.Apart from eating pawpaw as a fruit, do you know the unripe one can also be use to cure some illness in the body?

Now in this article I will be explaining how to use unripe pawpaw to cure several kind of illness, unripe pawpaw is so medicinal as it contains antioxidants and other substances that can help to fight against disease in the body.

Below are the procedure:

Material :

Unripe pawpaw

A bowl containing clean water

Preparation: peel the back of the unripe pawpaw, remove the seeds and cut the pawpaw itself into cubes, after that soak it inside bowl of water for 4 days.

After 4 day, you can drink it every morning and you will surely see changes.

Below are the illnesses unripe pawpaw can cure.

1. It cures malaria and typhoid fever.

2. Diabetes.

3. Stomach ulcer.

4. Convulsion.

5. Cirrhosis.

6. Asthma.

7. Bacteria infections.

Note : the above prescription is not from a medical expert but it has been use by many and it work.

Kindly share and don’t abuse it and also if you’re a pregnant woman consult your doctor before use.

Kindly share, your questions are welcome as well

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