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See What Really Killed Akosua Before She Was Buried In This Coffin?

Death they say is inevitable and the cause of one’s death is one thing that will definitely be discussed during funerals.

In Ghana, coffins are used to communicate the achievements or lifestyles of people during their burial and funerals.

A unique coffin of a woman who goes by the name Akosua has gone viral as the coffin which was used to burry her had a resemblance to a d1ck.

Whiles a lot of people have divided opinions about what might have killed her, some are actually speculating per the coffin that she might be a master when it comes to dealing with d1cks.

One cannot really tell what took her to the grave but the coffin really speaks for itself and your guess might just be as good as mine.

The design of her coffin even though very funny brings to mind about what the design of many people’s coffin will be when they die.

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