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Fish Seller Buys A Car As She Completes Her NYSC – Photo

A fish seller bought herself a car to celebrate passing out from NYSC.Sharing photos of her new car and her NYSC discharge certificate, Paschaline Bernard Ifeoma said she is an “ordinary corper” but she didn’t “sit around waiting for the government’s miserable 19,800 allowance”.

She said she was a fish seller, farmer and a film maker while also serving the nation. She added that passing out from NYSC is not a “next phase” for her because she has already witnessed her next phase.

See below.

Finally DONE ✅


POP was today ��

See eh, in this my “CORPERship”, God didn’t let me suffer or beg for bread.. instead, I gave to many, put food on people’s table even during the pandemic!

I only witnessed LIFTING UP where others saw a casting down �


A lot of people asked, “YOU NA CORPER?”


Yes oo, I be ordinary corper who didn’t have to sit around waiting for the governments miserable 19,800 allowance before its increase to 33k!


I be ordinary corper who is a farmer, a film maker, a fish seller and an office admin!


I’ve never seen a better yesterday �


Thank you God for always!

NYSC Pass out is not a next phase for me cos I witnessed a NEXT PHASE in my life with each breaking day and witnessing God’s amazing grace in all that concerns me.


This RED baby is a gift from ME to ME on my POP and she shall be called “PASSY-B” ❤️


Congratulations to all B2 Corp members.

See y’all on top �

#MyNYSCdiary #AbujaCorper

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