Video : Brazilian Police man Filmed STANDING on 51-year-old Black woman’s Neck in Chilling Echo of George Floyd

A recently surfaced video online has shown moments a Brazilian police officer stepping on the neck of a black grandmother in echoes of the George Floyd case.Two unnamed military cops now face criminal charges after the disturbing incident in São Paulo in May was broadcast on television.

The woman, 51, described as a bar owner and mother-of-five, was dragged to the ground after being handcuffed, it has been reported.

After the footage was broadcast by Globo TV, the two cops allege they had been attacked with an iron rod and were defending themselves – claims the victim, who has two grandkids, denies.

In the clip, one of the officers is seen pointing his gun at two men who appear to be trying to show him that they are not armed.

One of the men even takes off his shirt and turns around to prove that he does not have a weapon.

The footage later cuts to the shocking image of one of the cops holding a woman face down in the road by placing his foot on her neck.

It is not clear if the mum-of-five sustained any injuries following the alleged case of police brutality.

A man is also seen being handcuffed on the ground by the two armed policemen in the footage.

State Governor João Doria has called for both officers to be fired and said such abuse on citizens would not be tolerated.

He said that all 2,000 cops in the city would now be forced to wear body cameras while patrolling the streets.

The incident has been compared to the arrest of George Floyd who died while being arrested in Minneapolis in May.

Police officer Derek Chauvin was filmed pressing his knee on Floyd’s neck while the victim screamed “I can’t breathe.”

The case has sparked a worldwide movement calling for an end police brutality against Black people and institutionalised racism.

Watch video below;

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