Video : Messi Argued With Sevilla Star Carlos & Pushed Him Down In Sevilla 0-0 Barca

Towards the end of the first half of Sevilla and Barcelona’s Friday night meeting, Lionel Messi had a clash with Diego Carlos.The Argentine and the Brazilian had an argument, which ended with Messi shoving his opponent.

Diego Carlos flung himself to the ground and this created a commotion, which ended with both Sergio Busquets and Fernando being shown yellow cards.

Refereeing expert Andujar Oliver had his say on the incident, dismissing the notion that Messi should have been sent off.

“A yellow card at most,” was his verdict on Radio MARCA, when asked if Messi should have been punished.

“Messi should not have pushed Diego Carlos and he should not have exaggerated with his reaction.”


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