How Boris Johnson Got involved in a Car Crash Outside UK Parliament – VIDEO

UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was involved in a car crash just outside the Parliament on Wednesday afternoon.The Prime Minister had just left the gates of the Palace of Westminster and onto Parliament Square in Westminster when a protester ran out into the road and leapt in front of his £54,000 Jaguar car.

The driver applied a sudden break, forcing the security vehicle following behind to hit the Prime Minister’s vehicle. This left a visible dent on the back of the Prime Minister’s Jaguar.

UK PM, Boris Johnson involved in a car crash outside Parliament (video/photos)

Downing Street has confirmed the Prime Minister was in the car at the time of the incident. Johnson was unscathed as the vehicles drove off.

Photographs from the scene of the accident showed a man being tackled to the ground and detained by several police officers.

UK PM, Boris Johnson involved in a car crash outside Parliament (video/photos)

Shortly after being taken into the Palace of Westminster, the Met Police confirmed that they have arrested the man for offences under Section 5 of the Public Order Act and for obstructing the highway.

Anti-Brexit demonstrator Steve Bray who captured the incident on camera tweeted;

“Boris Johnson in car crash at Parliament. Just now.

“Security drives into back of his car as Kurdish protester runs into road.”

Watch below the video of how Boris Johnson got involved in a Car crash outside UK Parliament below;

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