Cardi B is a Natural Beauty as She Teaches Home Hair Remedy – VIDEO

Cardi B is notorious for rocking dramatic, colorful wigs on the red carpet and on stage. But the 27-year-old rap sensation embraced her natural hair texture, when she took to Instagram to share an at-home hair remedy with her 67million followers.

‘Ok guys, so this is really how my hair is. This is my hair texture,’ began Cardi proudly.

The Press rapper showed off her assets in a white, triangle bikini and looked visibly makeup-free in the series of clips shared to her Instagram Story.


Her brunette hair was parted to the side and flowed down past her chest.


She continued: ‘My hair gets like this when you blow dry it and then two days later it looks puff puff like this. Even when you braid it.’


Though Cardi b described her own hair as ‘not curly,’ she explained that her daughter Kulture, one, ‘has curls and little coils too.’


‘[My hair is] just straight like this,’ said Cardi B, while puling at her lengthy strands.

Prior to appearing on camera, the Grammy Award winner provided step-by-step instructions on how to concoct her go-to hair mask at home.


With a mixing spoon and a small bowl, Cardi combined fresh avocados, avocado oil, argan oil, and mayonnaise to craft the natural hair remedy. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

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