White American Cops and civilians kneel to wash black protesters’ feet, seek forgiveness for years of Racism – VIDEO

A group of white police officers and other community members came together to wash their black brother’s and sister’s feet and asked for forgiveness.Check out this moving scene that was captured on Saturday in Cary, North Carolina  where, during BLM demonstrations, a handful of white folks came together to clean the feet of black religious leaders, while offering a prayer repenting for the sins inflicted on black people at large.

In a video shared online by Fabiola Doissaint, the white members of the community are seen cleaning the feet of black religious leaders, there’s one man with a megaphone leading the prayer, and he acknowledges there’s one race of people, going on to ask for forgiveness for their white ancestors enslaving, mistreating and oppressing African-Americans.

White protesters wash the feet of black protest organizers and beg for forgiveness in Cary, North Carolina.

It was a surprising, yet moving sight to see and also very Christ-like. In a week filled with all kinds of images of police run-ins with protesters both good and bad this one might say the most about the nation’s desire for change.

Watch video below:

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