Man fumes I HAVE THE RIGHT TO KILL YOU as he catches wife and lover making out – VIDEO

According to news reports, the man started suspecting his wife after noticing she has been receiving strange calls.

On this day, he traced her to her destination — which happens to be an hotel and caught her with her lover.

Catching them behind close door, the man can be heard in the now viral video screaming and shouting at his wife’s lover, saying I HAVE THE RIGHT TO KIII YOU.

He also rained sIaps on him while also shouting at his wife.

As she couldn’t take it anymore, the wife busted into tears and started appealing to her husband to calm down before the video ended.

Too bad… but I no longer judge people. N.B.. No one has the right to kill anybody o! KiII ke? You will also get kiIIed by the law.

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