Lagos State Noise Pollution, Loud Speakers And The Neighbors 2 (LASEPA GUIDELINES) 

Here are the LASEPA (Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency)’s Guidelines on Noise Pollution

Guidelines on Noise Pollution:

1. The standard approved noise level in residential areas shall not exceed 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night. (We talked about decibels in the previous post here t o read2. The standard approved noise level in industrial areas shall not exceed 90 decibel during the day.

3. The standard approved noise level for commercial areas shall not exceed 70 decibel during the day.

4. All religious houses, Club Houses and other entertainment outlets are to operate within enclosed and soundproof environments with regulated use of speakers, giving due consideration to neighbouring residents.

5. The above facilities shall equally reduce the number of internally placed speakers to the barest minimum to address only the congregation and clientele and not the neighborhood..

6. All open air and outdoor activities shall be carried out with due authorization from relevant Government agencies while those involving the use of amplifiers and speakers shall hold after due authorization from LASEPA without contravening the stipulated approved noise limit for that environment.

7. The use of power generating sets in commercial, residential and industrial areas shall be in compliance with the stipulated noise levels without any negative impact on human health and the environment.

8. The use of megaphones/amplifiers at motor parks, commercial centers and more shall be duly controlled/regulated to ensure that the permissible noise limit for the environment is not exceeded.

9. Religious activities are to be carried out in a completely enclosed structure while uncompleted buildings and tents are not allowed.

10. Pending enclosure of facilities that are yet to be enclosed/soundproof, no musical instruments shall be used at night so as not to disturb the neighborhood especially during week day evening services and night vigils for religious houses, and events on entertainment/clubbing activities etc.

11. Obtain noise permit for open air shows, crusades and promotional advertisements etc.

12. The use of power generating plants in residential, commercial and industrial outlets shall not affect others by way of noise pollution.

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