Vegetable Oil Mill Factory For Sale In Ogun State

FOR SALE: Vegetable oil mill factory at Sango ota Ogun State on 13 acres of land with C of O. seed, groundnut etc.
Price: ₦10billion (Negotiable)

Sale status: Currently functioning as it is basis.

The plant has 3 sections in the facility namely: Crushing plant, Solvent extracting plant & Seed preparatory plant.

(A)Crushing plant: 150tons capacity crushing plant. 20 units crushers, 3 filters machines amongst other production equipment etc.

*The palm kernel sludge are sold as feed materials to other feed mill facilities for cattle, pig & poultry feed. Also as brake pad materials to Ferodo etc.

(B)Solvent extracting plant: 140tons capacity solvent extracting production plant with 2 shift production for vegetable oil production.

(C)Seed preparatory plant: 100tons capacity seed preparatory plant for processing various oil seeds like soya beans, palm kernel seed, cotton seed, sunflower

The facility also has new modern storey building as admin offices complex facility, several multiple bungalows as staff quarters residences, functioning weigh bridge, security guard house.

The premises also has functioning industrial boiler, 6 large silos storage tanks, guard house, Transformer, Public electricity, 3 industrial generators ranging from 2,500KVA, 1,000KVA & 100KVA.                Interested buyers can contact Ojo on WhatsApp ; 08037191728

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