Finding the Perfect Pair of Shoes for Flat Feet

Perfect Pair of Shoes for Flat Feet

You might be one of the millions of people suffering from pain due to flat feet. It may be so severe that you feel pain every day. Luckily, there are solutions for you. This pain doesn’t need to continue impacting your life. If you find the right shoes for your flat feet, you will be able to walk around pain free. 

What Are Flat Feet?

Flat feet occur when the foot’s arch collapses. This causes the entire sole of the foot to rest on the ground, giving your foot it’s ‘flat’ appearance. 

Flat feet can be caused by a variety of things. For a lot of people, it is hereditary. Unfortunately, a history of flat feet in the family can result in you having to suffer the same fate. Other causes include nerve damage, arthritis, or weak arches. Health issues such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes can also cause flat feet. Pregnant women can become prone to flat feet due to their changing bodies. Another cause for flat feet is something as simple as age. It can become very common in women over 40. 

In diagnosing flat feet, you can easily go to a doctor and ask them for their opinion. It is also easy to diagnose yourself. You probably have an inkling already, but it never hurts to be sure. Wet your foot then step on a dry, thick piece of paper. The bigger your imprint, the flatter your foot is. 

Save yourself the time, frustration, and pain. Use the following tips to find the best shoes for flat feet. 

Best Types of Shoes for Women With Flat Feet

Since flat feet come down to a lack of arch, you will need to look for flat feet shoes with good arch support to combat the issue. Good arch support will help distribute weight evenly across the foot for a more comfortable experience. 

The best walking shoes for flat feet will be comfortable and durable. Sneakers with a supportive footbed can be ideal so you can have the extra support you need when spending a long time on your feet. If you’re going on vacation or just happen to spend a lot of time walking around, supportive sneakers like this are among the best shoes for flat-footed women.

Don’t worry. Stylish shoes with arch support for flat feet do exist. You don’t need to sacrifice style to keep your feet happy. Trendy wedges exist for more fashionable or formal events. These types of shoes will keep you comfortable all day (or night!) long, without making you choose between comfort or fashion. 

Supportive, comfortable sandals are great for those with flat feet this summer. A soft leather sandal, for example, will keep you comfortable all summer long. Look for a pair with a supportive footbed so you can be sure they are right for your flat feet.


You no longer have to feel like you need to suffer to wear nice shoes. In fact, you no longer have to feel like you need to suffer at all. Look for proper-fitting and stylish shoes with arch support and you’ll be walking on air, finally!

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