How to Setup Plastic Production Business: Step by Step Guide

Plastic Production Business Setup Guide

Despite the negative impact of non degradable plastics to our environment, the importance of Plastic as material in manufacturing and packaging industry can’t be over emphasize.

Plastic Production Business Setup Guide


One major reason why Plastic production business will always be very profitable is because there is high demand for Plastic Chairs/Tables, Plastic bottles, PVC Pipes, drink Straws, disposable plates/cups, buckets, plastic bag and other types of plastic products Worldwide.

Friend, I believe you are here on because you need profitable ideas to start a business. If so, please keep reading because in this article you will learn how to setup your own Plastic Production Business and make huge profits in millions.

Method for Producing Plastic Products.

The process of Producing Plastic Products basically involves pouring melted plastics into prepared molds and using the different methods listed below to achieve desired shapes and sizes.

The different methods used in producing Plastics products are as follows.

Blow Molding Method: For producing plastic Containers and Bottles

Extrusion Method: For producing plastic toys or furniture

Injection Molding Method: For producing plastic spoons and forks, combs etc

How to Setup Plastic Production Business: Step by Step Guide

Roto Molding Method: For producing big containers like GP Tanks, Chemical Drums Plastic

Compression Molding Method: For producing plastic used in the automotive industries.

Requirement for Plastic Production Business Setup

Find Suitable Location

To Setup your Plastic Production Business, you will need to buy land in a suitable location and build your plastic making factory. Your plastic making factory should be close to your source of raw material and where you can easily sell your products.

Capital Requirement

The startup capital requirement for Plastic Production Business is N40 – N100million depending on the production capacity of the factory.

The amount stated above as startup capital covers the cost of land/building of the Plastic making factory space, Business Registration, Government Permit/License, equipment/machineries, operational cost and Miscellaneous cost etc.

If you don’t such a huge amount to start your plastic making business, you can as well ask your bank for a loan or look for a financial investor who will partner with you.

Equipment/Machinery Needed

Below is the list of Equipment/Machinery needed for Plastic Production setup.

Plastic Making Machine

Plastic Molds

Standby Electricity Generator

Buy Trucks to convey supplies to and from the factory.

Raw materials Needed

Polyvinyl chloride,

High Density Polyethylene



Natural gas

How to Setup Plastic Production Business: Step by Step Guide

Marketing Requirement

To market your plastic products, you will need to create a serious public awareness by placing advertisements in print media, social media platforms and on Radio/TV. Through these mediums you could get steady customers in your country and from overseas.

Staff Requirement

Labor Requirement for a plastic production business involves employing skilled plastic machine operators, driver, cleaners, accountant/cashiers and night security guard to watch over your factory.

Write a Business Plan

It’s said that “Failure to Plan is planning to fail”. So to succeed in your Plastic Production business, you need the services of a business consultant who would write a bankable business plan for you.


Plastic production is indeed a very lucrative business; I believe through this article you now know the setup requirements and how to make monthly profit in millions.

Stay Blessed

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