How To Transfer Money Via Sterling Bank USSD Code

Sterling Bank USSD Code for Transfer Money

Sterling Bank is one of the top banks in Nigeria with numerous branches all over the country that has continued to provide its customers Safe, Fast and Easy Mobile Banking service.

The Sterling Bank Mobile Banking service involves the use of the USSD code (*822# ) to      their mobile phone.

Sterling Bank USSD Code for Transfer Money

Also with the Sterling Bank  money transfer USSD code (*822#) customers can pay for goods, Pay bills, recharge airtime on the mobile phones, check account balance and do other important transaction via their mobile at home or anywhere.

In this article you will learn in details how to use the Sterling Bank mobile USSD code (*822#) to transfer easily from your Sterling Bank account to any bank account in Nigeria with your mobile phone.

Requirement for using Sterling Bank  money transfer USSD code

Register for Sterling Bank USSD Code Service

Sterling Bank account holders you can register for Sterling Bank USSD Transfer Code by dialing this code on your mobile phone : *822#.

You need a PIN to perform any bank transaction on Sterling Bank mobile money platform, so after the registration has been completed you will get your 4-digit PIN.

Benefits of Sterling Bank money Transfer USSD Code

With Sterling Bank mobile USSD Code service, you can Register and Activate for Mobile Money

You can Transfer money to friends and family

You can recharge airtime for yourself, friends and family

Check your account balance

How to Transfer Money from Sterling Bank to other Sterling bank Account 

To transfer money from your Sterling Bank account to another Sterling Bank Account, please dial on your mobile phone this USSD code : *822# and follow the prompt instruction E.g.

How To Transfer Money From Sterling Bank To other Banks 

Use the USSD code below to transfer money from your Sterling Bank to other Banks.

Please dial *822*5*AMOUNT*NUBAN#. 

NOTE : You can transfer up to N100,000 per transaction and N500,000 daily limit for savings and current account.

How To Check Your Sterling Bank Account Balance with Sterling Bank Money Transfer USSD Code

To check your Sterling bank account balance, dial *822*6# and your balance will display on your phone.

How to check your Sterling Bank Account Number

To check your Sterling Bank Account Number, please just dial *822*8# and your account balance will display on your screen.

How To Recharge Your Phone with Sterling Recharge USSD Code.

You can recharge your mobile phone with airtime using this Sterling Recharge USSD Code Please dialing on your phone :  *822*Amount#.

E.g *822*1000#.

 NOTE: This must be done with your registered Sterling bank mobile number.

To send airtime to family members and friends please just dial : *822*Amount*Mobile Number#.


Friends, I believe the Sterling Bank USSD code for money transfer has now made Bank transactions in Nigeria very easy when compared to those days of stressful hours of standing in bank halls.   

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