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Firm launches new POS machines for the unbank in Nigeria

Click Power Enterprise Limited in partnership with a Chinese firm, SZFP Technology Limited has launched a new Smart and Mini  Point of Sales (POS) Terminal that is handy, pocket friendly and is easy to operate in unbank areas.

The Co-Founder of Click Power Enterprise Limited, Patrick Amalaha announced it at the introduction of the product held recently in Lagos, said that the device is to be sold to mobile money operators such as banks and other bodies who uses point of sales services for their businesses.

He said that we are also into agency banking which is part of our core business and we are partnering with GTBank and we hope to extend it to other banks.

“We are working hard to build a seamless integrated platform with our agency banking with  the organizations  that we are partnering with” he said.

He posited that the agency banking introduced by the Central  Bank of Nigeria is evolving and we want to support the initiative with the pocket friendly POS box that will ensure seamless financial transaction for both corporate organization and unbank areas.

“We intend to reach the least banking areas, areas where they don’t have access to bank. These include market women, petty trader who wants to have access to financial services. Our agency is poised to give Nigerians financial access through this platform”, he said. .

Amala added We have smaller devices that can be connected to your bank account. Banks will take care of the bank end and you do your business seamlessly. The uniqueness of this product is accessibility, carriability  and user friendly interface and easy integration.

He noted that the POS work with individuals and institutions with a corporate account with the bank but click power can cover for individuals without a corporate account with its click power wallet housing with the bank and the bank will link it to their products.

Also, in his words, the Business Development Manager of Click Power Enterprise limited, lkdnna Ezewaroke said that the partnering company SZFP that produces the products has predeigree and a track record of success.

He said that the devices they are bringing and terminal application management system are very robust and its support the kind of business we want to do in that space.

Banking in Nigeria is evolving and we have gone the extra mile to make the agency banking more effective in its financial transaction”, he said.

“We have working toward engaging 10,000 to 15, 000 merchants across the country and we will leverage our experience in the banking system”, he said.

He added that the organization has put in place 24 hours non stop contact service where issue regarding merchants, card holders  and people on our platform can be address.

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