Tonto Dikeh who is a Nigerian actress, singer, and philanthropist. She is from Rivers State and is of Ikwerre descent, a subgroup of the Igbo tribe.                                                                            Many people believe that the actress won’t get married after the stunt she pulled disgracing her ex-husband and probably because of her hot temper. She has just made a shocking revelation by confessing she is waiting for Buhari.

Recall that her traditional marriage to Oladunni Churchill was held in August 2015. In February 2016, Dikeh gave birth to her son Andre Omodayo Churchill, whom she nicknamed Baby X. However since then the couple has gone different ways. With Tonto expressing bitterness she experienced during their relationship. Tonto Dikeh recently stormed the internet to tell her version of the story about her marriage.

She went on to label him a fraudster: yahoo boy or 419 and also revealed intimate details about her son’s father life. She mentioned during her interviews that her ex-husband can not last longer than 40 seconds and the longest sex he had was a duration of 1 minute which resulted in her pregnancy with King Andre Dikeh.

She shared in an Instagram post making fun of people who believe she would not get married after her split with ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill. She wrote: “My laughter when I hear people say “Oo no man gonno marry you again. MY FRIEND SHARRAPPPPPP. BABY JESUS!!!!#I once heard I had no womb, BOOM came KING!! YOU SEE YOUR WORDS ARE JUST MERELY YOURS, YOU HAVE NO POWER OVER MINE OR ANOTHERS!! #BUHARI IYAM WAITING FOR YOU. BETWEEN YOU SMELL NICE#KINGTONTO #RADICAL4JESUS #MAMAKING”.

Tonto Dikeh in one of her numerous attacks, had accused her ex-husband of being gay. Even though she has never really talked about this particular allegation extensively, the movie star for the first time gave a comprehensive account of her she found out he was allegedly gay: “I didn’t know about it until the person they said he slept with asked me to help him go and clear it out. The person was my friend so I went and after I did that, it occurred to me to ask. I don’t want to mention the person’s name,” she said.

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