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“I Stuck My Number Inside A Car Windshield Of The Man I Met At Wedding” – Naija Lady

Nigerian Lady narrates how she gave her number to a man she met at a wedding A Twitter user identified as @Onyinye_xx, took to the platform to narrate how she gave her number to a handsome man she met at a wedding.
According to the young lady, she wrote her number on a piece of paper and stuck it inside the car windshield of the man she met at the wedding.
The young man eventually called her number and they both went out on a date
She tweeted;

“I wrote my number on a piece of paper and stuck it to the windshield wiper of the car of a fine man I spoke to at a wedding today lol

He called not long after I had left and we spent the first minute laughing at my audacity

Update!!! We hung out this afternoon and it was amaaaazinggg! I hard formed busy earlier, next thing oga calls and tells me he’s coming to get me. I was like “no oh, I’m not going anywhere”. Long story short, he’s a lawyer and he knows how to feed his women. I am stuffed!”

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