How A Single Button Got Me Turned Down At An Interview Today

Pls guys let’s mind the way we dress when going for interviews.

Went for an interview at grooming micro finance Bank Ojoo (Ibadan). After long waits we were told that two people have been disqualified for the interview already. Little did I know I was the asun “scapegoat”.

I had felt a bit uneasy earlier and had released my neck button not knowing the boss there had noted that down” unsmart dress sense”! jeez!! And I had always been soo painstaking about stuff like that especially with tips and experiences from nairalanders…
To Sum it up,I was sent out Cox of da Lil “slumber”.was really pissd Cox I had stayed up all 9t practicing interest rates and solvin emergency mathematics. well av learnt my lessons so pls guys not until u get screwed!always b mindful of your appearance Cox u never know,ur village ppl might just be watching

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