Cardi B Drags Nigerian Owner Of The Shade Room Over Negative Coverage

Rapper Cardi B has dragged the Nigerian owner of American media outlet The Shade Room (TSR) over what she feels to be negative coverage of her life and career.

In a series of videos posted on Instagram, the rapper called out the owner of The Shade Room Angelica Nwandu with claims that she is carrying g out a hate Cardi B campaign.

“We don’t need to be posted on blogs with people that just got negative shit to say just so you could hate your life, your looks or your day cause their not happy with them self thank you.”

She added that though the onslaught against her by the blog has reduced, they however have shifted attention to her husband, Offset, and also the members of City Girls, and Pierre “Pee” Thomas, the CEO of her label, Quality Control.

“She know that she not allowed to post me, so what does she do? She posts mad shit of people that she know that I’m associated with.”

She concluded:

“I’m not saying that I only want people to post positive shit about us. At the end of the day, a blog is a blog, and I feel like they gotta post the good and the bad. But come on, now. That bias shit that people wanna do all the time because they on a f^cking hate campaign—they on some ‘F^ck QC,’ ‘F^ck Cardi B’ campaign. That shit is getting wack.”

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