Tech Innovations That Can Help Tackle Youth Unemployment In Nigeria

Tech Innovations That Can Help Tackle Youth Unemployment In Nigeria

High unemployment, especially among the youths, has negative consequences on the economy of the country and population. Finding the right solution to this problem isn’t an easy thing to do. It requires the cooperation and contribution of everyone. Fortunately, technology may be able to provide some solutions. Here are some tech innovations that can help tackle youth unemployment in Nigeria.

Investment in IT infrastructure

Good technology infrastructure is the most important requirement for any technology-based solution. It is crucial to invest more in good internet connection, computer and mobile equipment, and other IT-related supports. All these can be harnessed to train and retrain young Nigerians on relevant digital skills.

Technology in schools

The importance of technology in African schools and universities is central. Many local schools have poor access to computers and the Internet. It is significant to integrate technology into school curricula. Technology is evolving rapidly and the demand for digitally skilled workforce will continue to grow in the future. Technology skilled workers have less trouble finding the right job or taking advantage of business opportunities in Nigeria and beyond.


eCommerce has grown significantly over the years in Nigeria. It was ably pioneered byJumia, Nigeria’s no 1 shopping destination. The eCommerce platform has empowered many entrepreneurs by connecting them with millions of consumers across Nigeria and they are able to earn a living. Beyond this, many young Nigerians have seized the opportunities presented by the Jumia Sales Forceprogramme which allows them to earn a commission on every completed sales transaction.

Using mobile technology

Fighting youth unemployment with mobile phones sounds like a questionable approach. However, mobile technology could be the right solution. The power of mobile technology is often underrated. You just need a mobile phone with a sim card and it can be used to connect employers and job seekers via SMS. Unemployed individuals would receive an SMS notification about available jobs and they could reply by sending their skills and experience.

Online education

E-learning platforms are one of the most popular forms of education today. Studying has never been easier and accessible. It provides access to quality study materials in the world. There are unlimited resources for free training materials on the internet. You just need an internet connection and a computer. You can leverage this to hone your skills and use it to apply for available jobs.

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