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GTBank, Unfair With Its Contract Staff Conversion Process.

have heard earlier how GTBank make their experienced contract staff undergo another tedious rounds of aptitude test, rugged interviews before granting them conversion to become full staff, this is after working with them for over 5 years, even with the recommendations of branch/ group heads that the affected contract staff merit the conversion. But I doubted it until recently when I heard everything from an affected and concerned contract staff with GTB…
GTB has a policy that their contract staff are entitled/ qualified to conversion to full staff if they meet these criteria.

1. Work with them for 5 consecutive years( 5years of really good hardworking, not dull 5 years)…

2. Recommended by their branch/ group heads in various branches( note that for a group head or branch head to recommend you for conversion, you must be very very good in the works you do for them, also note that not all that get to the 5 years are recommended for the conversion, they recommend only the exceptional ones)…

With these conditions, one will think that it would be an automatic conversion after serving for 5 good years, with several transfers from place to place. But that is not the case.

After the 5 years experiences and the impartial recommendations of group heads, these contract staff are till made to undergo very difficult and complicated aptitude tests, structured to make sure that they fail woefully.

I am not saying that these staff should not be made to undergo further screening but someone who has worked for 5 years, who is surely experience in many banking operations, why would aptitude tests be the only instrument used for testing such person? It is worthy of note that these aptitude test do not have any relationship with their jobs… Why can’t GTB conduct tests that has something to do with banking and as it relate to their jobs in the bank?

Or better still, why not conduct tough oral interviews to assess if they are really grinded on the job, putting into consideration their 5 years experience, and if they are deserving of the conversion.

I consider this practice to be diabolical, a career killer and a time waster. And I am calling on GTB to reconsider using aptitude test for such category of workers. If they have proven excellent track records, they should be converted/ promoted. This will even boost the morale of both those being converted and those following and will further serve as encouragement.

I am not affected, I don’t even work in the bank but after hearing this guy wipe and count all his sacrifices to the bank and how he has waited patiently for this conversion/ promotion but has his hope dashed by just failing an ordinary aptitude test, I felt the need to let people know about this.


Please pardon my errors, I hope I have driven a point.
And please take this to front page let us fight against this inhumane act by GTB… If anyone can make this reach GTB via Twitter, please do. Thanks and God bless…-Source: Nairaland

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