Actress Uche Ogbodo’s N20,000 Give Away On Instagram Turns Are Followers Against Each Other, As Death Curses Fly Around

Nigeria is HARD! Asin so hard! Do you believe people are cursing themselves over N20,000 on Instagram? Not just ordinary curse o, even wishing death on one another!! Lmaooo.

So Uche went on IG this afternoon to say any comment that doesn’t get a like will win N20,000 from her and people started rushing to drop comments.

And you know what, others in the competition started LIKING their comments so they won’t win. You should understand how a game like this would be, LOL. Uche sef no try… which kind thing be any comment that has no likes would win, lol.

Anyway, so people started leaving harsh comments. I.e. ”Like this comment and die”. Another one said, ”Like it and be disfigured”. So many unbelievable comments. See some below

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