3 Simple Steps That Can Help Stop You From Wasting Food

It is quite saddening that tons of food are wasted everyday, despite the fact that a significant population of the world goes to bed hungry on a daily basis.

Some conservative estimates say that between 5 to 10 kilograms of food gets thrown out in and average high and middle class household.This is especially saddening if you put into consideration that some people that belong in the lower class eat only one meal per day and most go to bed hungry. The big question now is what can you do to stop wastage?
There are a number of things you can do to prevent and maybe even stop your household from wasting food entirely. Here are three tips that sustainability experts believe can help everyone reduce waste in their kitchen and they’re all super easy to do.
Store food the right way
We’ve probably made mention of this before and it is worth repeating again. Avoid storing vegetables with fruits. A lot of the time, the fruits will make the vegetables ripen too quickly. Also, store herbs in water like you would fresh-cut flowers, not in plastic bags, if you want to extend their shelf life.
Stick To Frozen Products
Frozen foods have a number of advantages over fresh products. For one, produce that are frozen are usually picked at the peak of their ripeness which makes them stay and retain their freshness longer.
Furthermore, frozen produce are usually cheaper when compared to fresh foods and there is little or no risk of it spoiling in your freezer, especially if you keep your freezer running always.
Buy Your Food In Bulk
One of the surest ways of avoiding wastage is to embrace the use of bulk bins and buy your produce in bulk. By doing this, you will most likely get the right amount you need, save as much as you can and also reduce the waste inherent in packaging, too.

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