Foods you Must Eat If you are 40 and Beyond – Must Read

The more a human being ages the more difficult it becomes to combat chronic diseases and keep belly fat at bay. Choosing a good diet at 40 is essential for any person that cares.

Beyond 40 one needs to focus on foods that keep blood sugar in check, slash cancer risks and keep energy levels high.Here is a list of foods you should embrace at 40 and beyond.

Plant-based milk

As we age our bodies find it impossible to break lactose efficiently. As we know, undigested food cause gas and bloat, therefore you should avoid dairy products and you will fill the experience.


Eat the whole egg, do not separate the white from the yolk. The fats in the yolk will help you feel fuller longer and curb cravings.


This fruit has healthy monounsaturated fats that can help lower LDL cholesterol, this is bad fats that clogs the arteries


Spinach will not only serve you with the vitamin you need, they will help you achieve that healthy body you really want to achieve. Spinach not only supply vitamin E but also contain amino acid betaine and the nutrient choline which work together to turn off fat-storing genes in the liver.


A medium sized carrot will help keep your skin smooth and vision as sharp as it was in your twenties because carrots have your daily recommendation vitamin A.

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