Linda Ikeji Speaks with Peace Hyde on Setbacks, Others – VIDEO

Celebrated queen of blogging in Africa, Ms Linda Ikeji , has shared her life experiences on the popular, Against the Odds with Peace Hyde.

She spoke on how she started as a fashion model to being the biggest blogger in the land as well as talking about the perils of building a successful brand.Ms Ikeji also spoke on her humble beginnings, explaining how poverty pushed her to discover her true calling in life.

In the interview, viewers will read her journey to building one of the most prolific online blogs in West Africa as well as the several setbacks she suffered on her way to success and how she overcame them.

Ms Ikeji has maintained an unflinching focus and tenacity to build a business that not only empowered her but the people she cared most about as well.

Catch her prolific rise from model to superstar blogger on the all-new episode of Against The Odds with Peace Hyde.

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