Check out Top 20 Healing Herbs, uses and Benefits

Our  mission is to see you in good health. So in this tutorial, we will study health benefits of 20 top healing herbs. The health benefits of herbs are numerous, but majority neglect them because of lack of proper information.

1. Green tea

Natural antibiotic
Good for inflammation
Prevents colds, flu and sore throat from developing
Useful for colon, respiratory, liver, pancreas, spleen, and lymphatic health2. Hawthown:

Restores heart muscle
Helps lower cholesterol
Aids blood circulation
Good for cardiovascular disease; dilates coronary blood vessels

3. Gota Kola:

Energizer/central nervous system stimulant
Helps heart and liver functions
Good for depression, fatigue and sleep disorders.

4. Ginseng:

Good for and renal gland health
Enhances immunity
Helps stress
Protects against effects of radiation exposure
Good for fatigue
CAUTION: Do not use if you have heart disease, low blood sugar or high blood pressure


Raw garlic isolated on a white background

Helps fight any infection
Detoxifies the body
Enhances immunity
Lowers blood fats
Assists yeast infections
Helps asthma, cancer, sinusitis, circulatory problems and heart conditions

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6. Ginger:

Helps nausea, motion sickness and vomiting
Useful for circulatory problems
Good for indigestion
CAUTION: ginger is a circulatory stimulant.

7.Corn Silk:

Wonderful for bladder and kidney health; a natural diuretic
Good for edema
Helps PMS and prostate disorders

8. Eyebright:

Good for itchy, allergy eyes
Eyes wash for eye irritation

9. Flax:

Good for fever and headaches
Good for bones, skin, teeth and nails
Good for female disorders

10. Feverfew:

Good for fever and headaches
Good for pain and muscle tension
Useful for menstrual problems
CAUTION: Do not use during pregnancy.

11. Aloe vera:

Aloe vera and its benefits

Antibacterial properties
Antifungal properties
Antiviral properties
Wound and burn healer
Natural laxative
Soothes stomach
Helps skin disorders

12. Bilberry:

Strong antioxidant
Diuretic/urinary track antiseptic
Prevents night blindness and cataracts
May halt macular degeneration
Helps inflammation
Useful for anxiety and stress

13. Black walnut:

Good for eliminating parasites
Aids digestion
Good for warts and poison ivy
Good for fungal infection

14.Black cohosh

Relieves menopausal hod flashes
Relieves menstrual cramps
Helps circulatory and cardiovascular disorders
Lowers blood pressure
Reduces cholesterol
Useful for nervousness and stress

15. Butcher’s broom

Most effective if taken with vitamin C
Promotes circulation
Good for varicose veins
Useful for meniere’s
Good for varicose veins

16. Cranberry:

Use only unsweetened concentrate or gel capsules
Helps acidify the urine, thereby preventing bacteria from adhering to the bladder
Prevents urinary track infections

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17. Echinacea or Cornflower:

Boosts white blood cell production
Immune system support
Has anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties
Good for colds, flu and infection
CAUTION: Use at first sign of illness, no more than two weeks at a time. Do not use if you are allergic to sunflowers or related species.

18. Dandelion:

Great coffee substitute
Cleanses liver; increases production of bile
Cleanses blood of uric acid and toxins, there by preventing abscesses, boils and rheumatism
Aids kidney, stomach, spleen and pancreas function

19. Damiana

Energy tonic
Increases libido
Brings oxygen to genital region; is an aphrodisiac
CAUTION: Interferes with iron absorption; if anemic, use for short-term only.

20. Ginkgo biloba:

Provides mental energy/ stimulant
Improves brain health
Improves circulation and oxygen to the brain
Helps memory loss
Good for tinnitus( ringing in the ears)
Increase circulation of relieve cramping
Note: take for at least fourteen days before expecting results.

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