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MC Boki, MC Makopolo, Sophia Allison: Behind Videos Of Ladies Proposing -VIDEO

Last week, video of a Nigerian lady proposing to her man at ICM, Lagos, went viral. Another story even came out the next day from a lady claiming to be the lady’s friend, saying the man rejected the proposal because he is a married man.

Fast forward to yesterday, there was another viral video, showing a woman proposing to a man somewhere in Lagos.

Well, this is to let you all know that the proposals were all staged, and are comedy skits.

A Wazobia TV presenter, Sarah Etinosa Ehigiamusoe who interviewed them shared photos after an interview where they revealed what really happened and wrote;

“Did you watch the video of the girl who proposed to her boyfriend who in turn rejected her proposal?

How many of you thought it was a joke?

Well, it was actually a skit…Not Real at all.

We had them on the Gudu Morning Naija show today to explain the reason behind such act. According to the guy @realmc_boki he said he did it to raise awareness that there is absolutely nothing wrong if a woman proposes to a man and also nothing wrong generally as it surrounds “Proposal” to reject even if it’s in Public. “

Apparently it was all skits.

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