Upcoming Actress Narrates How She Left Lagos For Ibadan To Meet A Man, But Gets Maltreated Instead

Lol, I don’t even know where to start from and really, I think a news like this isn’t even blog worthy, but trust it to be on every site, including even the big ones, and since Nigerians will still comment, let me just bring it here too.. sigh!

What pained me most in her story is that she didn’t even realize she just embarrassed herself. You know when you speak not knowing you are shooting yourself in the leg? Lol.Her name is Kachi Anifela Zion. She took to her instagram page to narrate what she calls a horrible experience with a man she travelled all the way from Lagos to Ibadan to see. Enjoy…

I have an experience to share, but first ladies don’t allow anyone treat you less than you deserve. My story goes thus, there is this guy that has been begging to see me for a while now, he keeps calling and sending me texts begging that I come and see him and all, I finally agreed ND traveled all the way from Lagos to Ibadan to see him.

The day I got there, he said his ATM was bad that I should borrow him some money that he would pay me back. I agreed without arguing, I gave him then we had lunch. Later on in the day, I asked that we go to get dinner ND he just ignored me. I locked up ND went to bed the next day he was still giving attitude, he went out around 10am ND came back by 9pm. No calls no text messages the attitude was still strong.

I just ignored him ND went to bed. By morning he woke me up and asked me to leave, you can imagine oh, me that was on my own, you were begging me to come, iv come now ND you are misbehaving. I did not say anything, I just went to have my bath packed my stuff took his keys and the Padlock, I rushed out with my stuff locked him in and left with the keys. Because him bin dey do like say e sure for am.

His friends should better go and help him break the door cause your nigga is stuck in his house. Boys you better stop pulling stunts cause trust me the day you meet an advanced weyrey for a girl.. On that day you would learn how to treat a woman. What would you have done in my shoes?

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