LAKE Rice Now To Be Sold In Lagos Supermarkets, Malls

The Lagos State Government has revealed that its custom LAKE Rice will now be sold in supermarkets and shopping malls in the state.

According to the state government, this is so the product can be available to everyone in all parts of the state.In a meeting with the representatives of the malls and supermarkets, the Lagos State Commissioner for Agriculture, Mr Oluwatoyin Suarau said that the move was made so that there would be wider distribution and availability of the product through the reach of the high-end markets.
This is geared towards achieving the state government’s goal of stopping the importation of rice and ensuring that only produced rice was consumed by residents.

Mr Suarau said: “Our LAKE Rice is of good quality. The major difference between LAKE Rice and imported rice is that the imported rice has a minimum of five to six years storage lifespan, but LAKE Rice is fresh and wholesome.”

On the price of the rice at the supermarkets and malls, the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Olayiwole Onasanya, said the price would remain at the usual N12,000 for 50kg and N6,000 for 25kg but commissions would be offered to the malls and supermarkets so that they could make profits on selling also.

Mr Ibukunoluwa Olu-Jacobs who represented the Eko Farmers Mart, Surulere lauded the government’s initiative for including the malls and supermarkets in the selling and distribution of the LAKE rice.

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