10 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Home Appliances

There are many activities for which we need home appliances. The most important home appliances that we need in our everyday life is the refrigerator, Peters air conditioners washing machine vacuum cleaner mixer grinder microwave and many other appliances.

These home appliances are used for simplifying our tasks on a day-to-day basis. And we want our home appliance would last a long time. But like every other machine, our home appliance needs some extra care too. Here I shared 10 tips that you can apply to extend the lifespan of home appliances.

Tip # 1: Read the Instructions of Appliance
Every home appliance comes with a manual. But I wonder, how many of us read the manual before installation. This mistake is made by more than 80% of the users. To prolong the lifetime of the appliances we must read the manual. Because new appliance may be different from the old one and you can damage it while installing. The guidebook contains all instructions about everything you need to know for proper operation and care. So give close attention to the instructions and follow them accordingly.
Tip # 2: Take Professional Help
It is highly recommended that you hire an experienced technician for a reputed company while installing your brand new appliance. After reading the guide you may think it’s easy to install the appliance, but believe me, it’s not. To ensure the proper installation it’s always wiser to hire a professional. Because they are experienced; and they always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions, which ensure years of trouble-free operation.
Tip # 3: Check the Filters
A filter is a very important component for many appliances like oven, dishwashers, refrigerators etc. Always follow manufacturer guidelines to clean and replace them. Sometimes people ignore the filters and don’t clean them or replace them. It decreases the lifetime of an appliance. So try to check the filters of your appliance once in a month. Clean them properly and change the old one with a new one when necessary. If you don’t know how to change the filters then call for expert help.
Tip # 4: Wash the Dishes
It’s better to wash/clean the dishes before placing them in the dishwasher. It may sound like antithesis but the truth is food can damage your appliance when too much is present. So, before putting the dishes in the dishwasher for cleaning, wipe off the debris from the dishes. It will ensure that your dishwasher gets an extended lifespan.
Tip # 5: Clean the Dryer Vent Cap
Clean the both inside and outside lint of the dryer vent cap. Most of the people only clean the lint those are inside the dryer and left the lint that comes out of the external vent cap. The external vent cap may be located anywhere outside your home on the wall, on the roof, or anywhere in between. It is very important to clean the lint regularly as lint can build up and cause a great problem that you always want to avoid. My advice is to check the whole lint once or twice a year.
Tip # 6: Use Proper Loads
You are facing a problem with your 2 years old washing machine and wondering why it’s not working properly. Let me tell you the reason. Overloading your washing machine with clothes is the main reasons. Always try to follow the load instructions. The manufacturer company gives the instruction for a reason. It will help you save your washing machine from break, malfunction, etc.
Tip # 7: Call for Regular Maintenance
If you want to ensure your home appliance work longer and more efficiently then perform regular maintenance. Check every appliance once or twice a year. It’s a good way to find small problems before they become big problems. By performing regular maintenance, you can save the lives of appliances and allows them to work well for a longer period of time. You can hire Appliance Repair Service for regular maintenance if you think you can’t perform the task.
Tip # 8: Defrost the Freezer
Once a very important part of refrigerator maintenance but, nowadays most of the refrigerator are frost-free. However, if you have a manual defrost freezer, then it requires this process once a year. Try to defrost the freezer when the frost inside is still less than a quarter-inch thick. While defrosting remove everything from the freezer and allow it to completely melt down and defrost. This process will surely increase the lifespan of your refrigerator.
Tip # 9: Keep Home Appliance Clean
A very easy way to increase the lifespan of the home appliance is to keep them neat and clean. Because when these machines are clean they operate best. So the best practice is to clean every home appliance after using them. For the fridge, just cleaning the leftovers is not enough. You have to keep every element of fridge clean, for example, the compressor, coils etc.
Tip # 10: Ignore Nothing That Seems Suspicious
Another trick that is missed by most of us is ignoring small things regarding our home appliance like a leak, a noise, or another issue. In the beginning, these small things may not cause a great problem but they will definitely create a larger problem in the future. So keep a close eye on your appliance while using them and don’t ignore any unusual thing.
Your appliances are costly, and keeping them in operating order is very important. The following tips create it straightforward for you to keep your appliances in smart working order. They also help keep them working longer, thus you are getting extra money for your use.

Name: Rick Smith
Description: Rick Smith is an Appliance Repairer and founder of Viking Appliance Repair Los Angeles. Viking appliance repair Los Angeles is a leading repair service firm located in Los Angeles, and they are committed to ensuring that every home in Los Angeles never has to worry about broken or faulty home appliances anymore.

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