Kaduna State to Recruit 50 New Lawyers in 2018

Kaduna State to recruit 50 new lawyers in 2018 Kaduna state government has disclosed its plan to recruit 50 new lawyers in 2018 in addition to the 20 that were employed in 2017.
The governor while presenting 2018 budget proposal before the state assembly said that the increased vote of N2.348billion for the ministry of justice is to cater for the recruitment, fund the Witness Protection Programme as well as enhance the ability to hire external lawyers.
“With this new batch of lawyers, the government will appeal any court order, ruling or judgement on which it believes it has a strong case. These appeals, in civil and criminal matters will be pursued up to the Supreme court as our cobtribution to developing the law. We are pursuing the construction of more courts so that we can increase the number of high court judges and reduce their currently excessive workload,” he said.
He mentioned that Kaduna state needs at least 40 high court judges; assuring that the state will pursue the goal in collaboration with the judicial leadership.

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