10 Steps to Improving your Business Brand Online and Offline

In today’s cutthroat business world, putting your business out there for clientele and rivals to build a trustworthy perception about your brand is a must. Regardless of whether you have been in business for centuries or are on top in your business field, you still need a rock solid brand to beat your upcoming competitors and remind your clientele of your existence every second of day, 24/7.
It’s no joke that branding is important to your business’ survival. You may have a brand all right but like most things, it gets outdated. Business brands thereby require frequent repackaging strategies to warm existing and former clientele to your side over and over again.
Here’s how to constantly improving your business’ brand to project the personality and image of your business to the cutthroat business world.
Branding Approaches to Mix Up
The best style to improving your business’ brand image is to follow a foundation that borders on a mix of several branding approaches; the cultural, economic, personality, community, consumer-based, relational and identity brand techniques.

• Cultural Approach: This approach to branding borrows from the existing trends and surrounds cultural values and norms into building a peculiar brand.
• Economic Approach: Focuses on the marketing strategies applied to get the business and its product out there.
• Personality Approach: Studies have shown that consumers often associate brands with human traits. Hence this approach focuses on building brands as personalities.
• Community Approach: This is a strategy that focuses on making brands a central part of the community. Thus brands are built with a social context.
• Consumer- Based Approach: Here, all branding is linked to consumers’ perspectives and associations of the brand.
• Relational Approach: Focuses on building a brand as a possible liaison with clientele and consumers.

• Identity Approach: This focuses on projecting the organizational structure and corporate construction of the business

There are requirements to concern yourself with once you know the mix of branding techniques to incorporate into improving your business brand.
10 Steps to Improving your Business Brand
1. Educate yourself thoroughly about your Business: Before you decide to go about recreating your existing business brand, take time to learn again all there is to know about your business. Start from the beginning through to the current state. Rehash your mission, vision and goals. Then sit back to see what needs to be changed or improved to suit the current business atmosphere.
2. Scope out and identify your key Clientele and Consumers and figure out how to keep their interest: Identifying your target audience early on in the process sets the tone for the branding campaign. You could scope out your audience based on age, location, educational background, etc. Planning this effectively early on opens the path to tuning your business brand to speak to the ideals and concerns of your target audience.
3. Lay out your Business Goals: Know your short term and long term goals. This will steer you in the direction to go towards achieving your goals. Note that this is one of the messages your business brand has to project.
4. Develop your brand image and message: It’s important to build a brand image after determining your key clientele, consumers and business goals. This should be done simply so as not to cloud and confuse your target audience. Again, it should be parallel to the passions of the target audience and include unique features of your business as well as the benefits involved.
5. Create a Brand Template to go by: Every successful venture follows a well thought of set of rules and processes to avoid distraction of any kind. In building a brand, going off course your original idea could hurt the brand development. It is advised that businesses create and follow a brand template to envision exactly what they want for their business and avoid the risk of losing focus.
6. Invest in Brand Ambassadors: The message and image you put out there about your business will be valueless if people representing the business behave otherwise. Employees and business representatives have to play their part in portraying the same image of the business brand. The reputation of the business shouldn’t be thwarted hence employees must be trained to act as brand ambassadors of the business.
7. Trademark your business brand: This is a simple protection strategy to register your business brand and protect the authenticity of your branding elements; logo, name, design, idea, brand name, etc.
8. Improve on the business’ visibility: You could build a stellar brand image that will only be known to you and your clientele. That’s not the endpoint of branding your business though. The world has to see what your business is doing. This is the time to take advantage of social media, search engines and good online job boards company review sections to promote your business to be part of the gurus in your field. It is also paramount to build a company website to act as your internet office for those who live and breathe the internet.
9. Be consistent: The smart way to ensuring the relevance of your business is to consistently stay true to the business image you have placed out there. This is the perfect method to keeping a positive business image. Nothing builds a business like positive feedback from clientele and consumers. Likewise, nothing kills a business like negative feedback from these same class of individuals.
10. Monitor Your Brand and be ready to revise it: It is beneficial to your business’ brand if you keep an eye on the image you have put out there to see if it’s having the impact hope for. You can do this by racking the business’ social pages, news feeds, blogs and the like to have an idea of the response your new business campaign is receiving. If things are not going the way you like it, take time to make the necessary changes but do it as fast as possible.

Improving your business’ brand is quite costly and demands time and labour but it is an investment worth all that’s involved to chisel your trade into the cutthroat business world.

4 Responses to 10 Steps to Improving your Business Brand Online and Offline

  1. Faustinus says:

    This article nicely dissects the importance of a business brand and steps that every entrepreneur can take to build an oak-solid brand. In this very noisy world, your business has to be crystal clear on why, how and what its all about. You are either remarkable as a brand or invisible.

  2. wow.. this is really a great informative post. This is really helpful to me. Thumps up!!

  3. Manny Obeng says:

    so many notes taken from these points just had to forward this link to some of my friends in the business!

  4. Dela Asiome says:

    Branding is everything when longevity of a business is the target. The company names we have on our lips are due to branding. They projected the business in an image and manner that got their names imprinted into our minds.Every business especially startups and struggling businesses need to incorporate these strategies to get where they visualise the business.

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