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Perishable Cargo Export From Nigeria Rises Above 10%

Export of perishable and non-perishable cargo from Nigeria to Europe, United States, Asia and other parts of the world through the nation’s airports has witnessed double-digit growth in the last two years.

The rise is predicated on the recent trade promotion drive by the government.

Experts said cargo export figures could rise, if the government and its agencies streamline cargo clearance formalities at cargo airports, through lower tariffs and cheaper rates for air freight.

Available data showed that air cargo export soared from 9,609,772 kilogramme (kg) in 2015 to 12,094,952kg last year, indicating a 25.8 percent increase.However, investigation revealed that the volume of air cargo imports has declined significantly from 75,016,936 kg in 2015 to 52,842,852 kg last year, which represents about 41.96 percent.

Other data obtained from another cargo handling firm showed that air cargo exports rose from 3,147,842kg in 2015 to 6,665,340kg in 2016, showing a 111.74 percent rise.

The Chief Commercial Officer, Nigerian Aviation Handling Company, Seyi Adewale, said the Federal Government has been doing a lot of awareness campaign through its agencies, such as the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC), which has seen more farmers, middle-men and manufacturers moving into export.

Some of the commodities being exported are palm oil, vegetables (fresh/dry), melon (egusi), ‘ogbono’ seeds, ‘cashew nut’, ginger and garlic.

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