Smoked and Dried CatFish Processing Company In Nigeria

Nigerians are large consumers of fish and it remains one of the main products consumed in terms of animal protein. It is cheap and highly acceptable, with little or no religious bias, which gives it an advantage over pork or beef.Only about 50% of the demand for fish is currently being met by local supply. The fishery sector is estimated to contribute 3.5% of Nigeria’s Gross domestic product (GDP) and provides direct and indirect employment to over six million people (Trade invest Nigeria, 2010).

For centuries, humans have been drying and smoking catfish as a way of preserving it from spoilage. The preserving techniques vary from sun drying, salting to smoking with charcoal fire over crude furnaces. In Nigeria over 70% of fishes caught by artisanal fishermen and women are dried and smoked; the reason being that we lack electric power to preserve the fishes by freezing. The smoking and drying process utilized by local fishermen in Nigeria is fraught with uncertainties about the state of the products. These range from unhygienic conditions, flies perching and laying eggs on the fish being processed to improper drying, which leads to early deterioration of the fishes dried.

Smoked and Dried Catfish Processing Company In Nigeria

DE-WAMVIC has been motivated through the brand Name Rehoboth Oven Dried CatFish to go in to the dried and smoked catfish sub sector to improve the quality of catfishes processed and take advantage of the enormous potential and untapped opportunities that exist in fish processing. These opportunities are the high demand for smoked fish locally and internationally. According to a report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), fish production in Nigeria, which includes fish capturedand farmed, is about 800,000 metric tons in 2012. However, annual aggregate demand for fish in the country is estimated at 2.6 million tons per annum and imported fish is about 750,000 metric tonnes per annum, which leaves a supply gap of 1.05 million tonnes.
DE-WAMVIC will be contributing about 180 metric tonnes of smoked Catfish annually to the Nigeria market. This is a drop in the bucket to fill the supply gap that exists and goes to show that there is enough room to will be fish processing companies that may spring up.
Dried CatFish Processing Company In Nigeria
Purpose of the Company

This Catfish-drying project is being set up to provide safe fish and other marine products free of toxins, which will be properly dried and packaged hygienically. The promoter of this project understands that a huge percentage of the fish caught in our waters cannot be sold on time and coupled with poor electric power supply, which leaves drying or smoking as the only preserving option. The vast opportunity that exists in terms of the market has been a source of inspiration to the promoter.

Organisational Structure:

This specially designed, builtneatly maintained factoryis equipped with 2 temperature controlled well insulated ovenscurrently run with carefully appointed professionals with this lean organisational structure.
The purposely built factory has its own security gate house, generator house with a 20kva diesel generator set, Own borehole water, raw fish reception baths, Fish cleaning and processing room, Oven room with 2 x100kg temperature controlled insulated ovens, Fished product processing room, Charcoal storage room, workers cloakroom equipped with wardrobes for changing their clothes and uniforms, offices, visitors toilets, green vegetation to ensure a clean greener environment and a large parking space for easy vehicular movement.

Smoked Catfish Processing Company In Nigeria

Attached below are views of the factory:                Security Gate house, Gen House & Raw Fish collection Bath Company Truck

                           Dried Cat Fish Processing & oven rooms Finished product store

                                            Admin Offices & Dried fish before Packaging

Packaged Dried CatFish

To Place Order for Dried Smoked Catfish at wholesale price, please use the Contact information below
Name of Business: DE-WAMVIC Nigeria Limited

Market Brand Name Rehoboth Oven Dried Fish
Chairman (CEO): Mr. Adewale Makinde
Project Location: Plot 3, Block D.
Ladipo Daniel Layout,
Ijoko Ogun State
Contact Telephone No: +2348053184694, +2348033109230,
Mr. Joseph 08112176020,08084804910
E- mail:

Professional Advisers:
• Bankers UBA Plc, GTB Plc
• Management Consultants BRIAN-JASON Consulting Limited
• Legal Advisers O C Uko& Co
• Technical Consultants To be advised
• PR / Brand Consultants To be advised

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