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Before Investing in Agriculture Business In Nigeria Please Consider these

Are you planning to invest in Agriculture business in Nigeria and you are confused?
If Yes, please continue reading the post and you will discover important statistics and facts that shows that agriculture business in Nigeria is indeed very Profitable.

Before Investing in Agriculture Business In Nigeria Please Consider these
1. Agriculture accounts for about two-thirds of Nigeria’s employment (120 million people), contributing at least 22% to the country’s economic growth.

2. Nigeria has 84 million hectares of fertile land and also boast of two of Africa’s largest rivers.
3. Nigeria is the 2nd largest producer of tomatoes in Africa and the 13th largest producer in the world (1.2 million tonnes).
4. 75% of the farming population in Nigeria are women.
5. The availability of loans to Nigerian farmers is just 3.9%
6. The federal government of Nigeria through the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has set aside 40 billion naira to support small holder farmers at a maximum interest rate of 9%
7. Nigeria hosts the largest Nigerian dwarf goat population with approximately 11 million in the southern part of Nigeria.
8. The average Nigerian cow weighs 317kg and produces 2.2 litres of milk per day.
9. Nigeria consume 6 million tonnes of chicken every year, but we produce only 1.5 million tonnes
10. Nigeria is the largest producer of shea nut and its shea qualifies as one of the best in the world.
I believe you would definitely use the information to make informed decisions that help start a profitable agriculture business in Nigeria.
Before you log out please see below a list of some agriculture business in Nigeria with good return on investment.
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