How To Pay PHCN Electricity Bill Online in Nigeria (Prepaid & Postpaid)

The online payment of electricity bill recently introduced by The Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) must be commended.
I will say method has really made PHCN electricity bill payment very easy in Nigeria.
With this new method, Nigerians can now say bye bye to those days where paying NEPA or PHCN Electricity Bill was a frustrating exercise.
Now you don’t need to visit any PHCN office to pay your Prepaid & Postpaid electricity bill, when you can do so online.

PHCN or NEPA have partnered with various financial institutions and card processors in Nigeria to make electricity bill payment very easy for electricity users in Nigeria
By Using the steps stated below, you can easily pay your PHCN (NEPA) electricity bills online from the comfort of your home anywhere in Nigeria. (Prepaid & Postpaid PHCN bills)

Here are five important things needed to PHCN (NEPA) electricity bill payment online in Nigeria.
This process is for Postpaid PHCN bills payment ( Users of electricity meters in their homes)
(a) Get a Valid Email address
(b) Phone Number
(c) Get Internet enabled Smartphone or laptop or desktop Computer.
(d) Your PHCN Customer Account Number or Meter number:
NOTE: If you don’t know your PHCN customer account number,please visit any PHCN office to request for it.
(e) Bank ATM Card (Verve, MasterCard or Visa)
With the requirement and steps listed above you can now proceed to Pay your postpaid PHCN or NEPA Electricity Bill Online in Nigeria
1. Visit website:
2. Enter your 12 digit unique PHCN customer account numner
3. Enter your Valid email address
4. Enter your phone number
5. Enter the amount
5. Click “Continue”
If you follow the steps above very well, Your postpaid electricity meter will be credited automatically, you will a notification alert on your phone or email showing Payment of Electricity Bill is successful and your bank account is the debited.
For PHCN electricity consumers using Prepaid meter below are the steps to follow when paying your PHCN prepaid electricity bill online.
Follow the steps below for Prepaid electricity bill payment;
1. Please Visit
2. Select electricity distribution companies for your area to make payment. E.g AEDC and others
3. Select your Meter Type (i.e post paid token or Postpaid monthly)
4. Enter your Account Number or Meter Number
5. Click the “Continue” Button
6. Confirm your details and click “Continue to Payment”
7. Enter your Bank ATM card details
8. Pay and print Payment Confirmation
When the above steps are followed you will automatically receive a prepaid meter token via SMS on your phone.
Paying PHCN or NEPA electricity bill has indeed become easier in Nigeria than before.

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