What Project Management Mistakes Should Be Avoided

What Project Management Mistakes Should Be Avoided

Mismanagement is the reason of poor effectiveness of any project. Besides, the mistakes in managing a project can lead to the increase of time, resources and costs. Even good projects may go wrong. The following article reveals the most common mistakes of project management and how to solve potential problems.

Mistake No. 1: Wrong Project Manager. As a rule, the main attention is focused on the search of resources rather than search of the proper manager. An inexperienced or unprepared project manager can ruin all the effort.

Solution: A project manager must correspond to the requirements of the project.

Mistake No. 2: Implementation of Too Many Project at Once. If you deploy all your resources at once to cope with numerous projects, it can lead to poor results of any of them. The main thing in project management is not to disperse attention and resources.Solution: Work in progress should be reduced by half in case of loss of productivity.

Mistake No. 3: Insufficient Communication. Effective communication is a prerequisite of successful project management. It is quite important to hold meetings and conferences on the key points of project. Lack of communication will ruin the work on project.

Solution: Virtual or in person meetings should be held on a regular basis.

Mistake No. 4: Over-Optimistic Time Frame. Naturally, any project manager wants to satisfy a customer and provide the most optimistic outcomes. However, it is important to balance real capabilities with the expected results. It is much better to make a customer happy by introducing the results ahead of schedule rather than miss the too optimistic deadline.

Solution: When planning time frame of a project, it is recommended to add a buffer of time and money.

Mistake No. 5: Lack of Flexibility. You may think that your project is a strict code stipulating the needs, resources, activities and function. It is ideally. In reality, a project manager should be more flexible in relation to new ideas and suggestions on the project. Some things may really improve and make it better.

Solution: It is recommended to make intervals and assess the entire project. Such assessment may reveal any problems or errors that are better to fix on earlier stages.

Mistake No. 6: Shifting All Issues to Project Management Tools. Various software and hardware can be very useful during the entire process of project implementation. Many project managers are encouraged to deploy different apps to manage project. However, such tools can perform one or several functions, but not solve issues. Regardless of the price or features of your software tool, you must choose the most appropriate solution that will help rather than disturb.

Solution: The chosen software for the project should be usable for the project team and act as an assistant.

This list of common mistakes in project management is not limited. In general, each project experiences a range of errors and issues that will be solved anyway. However, we hope that the above-mentioned solutions will help you achieve success in your activities.

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