How To Export Smoked CatFish From Nigeria Without Stress


Are you interested in starting a profitable Smoked CatFish Export business from Nigeria without Stress? If yes then read on!!!!!!

Benefits of Smoked Catfish

Smoke Catfish is a great food delicacies loved by many due to it rich protein content, most house wives and restaurants in Nigeria uses it to enrich and enhance the taste of soups and food.

Export Demand for Smoked Catfish

Smoked Catfish is one of the foodstuffs currently being exported from Nigeria to countries in Europe, America and Asian because Nigerians and other Africans there need it to cook their food.

And according to the United Nation population estimate, there are over 20million Nigerians living abroad and majority resides in the United Kingdom and the United States of America.
This large number of Nigerians and other Africans living abroad has brought about a massive increase in the demand for Nigerian food stuffs internationally. This has created opportunities for some few exporters who make lots of cash exporting Smoked Fish from Nigeria to the UK and US.

Capital Needed To Start Smoked CatFish Export From Nigeria

You too can start exporting Catfish in small scale (Not over 20kg EU new regulation) from Nigeria and make some cool cash in Pounds & Dollars for yourself.
With N60, 000 to N100, 000) you can start exporting Smoked Catfish to buyers in the US and the UK and make up to 80% as profit.
And getting Smoked Catfish for export is not a difficult thing in Nigeria.
To get Smoked Catfish please visit any Catfish farm in your area and buy, you will get large quantities of Smoked Catfish to buy at (N2, 800 to N3, 000/kg). While Smoked Catfish in the international market sells between $30 to $40/kg)

Step by Step Procedure Smoked Catfish Business

How To Export Smoked Fish From Nigeria Without Stress

Also to start the export of Smoked Catfish from Nigeria consider this information below.
WHERE TO BUY CHEAP Catfish in Nigeria (Catfish Farmers Scattered over the country).
How to PROCESS CATFISH to meet international export specification?
DO I need an EXPORT LICENSE for small scale? No you don’t it for now but you will need it as you grow to become a big time exporter.
MATERIAL NEEDED FOR PACKAGING Catfish for export (Nylon)
LOCATION OF MAJOR BUYERS of Smoked Catfish (UK and US)
Mode of TRANSPORT NEEDED TO EXPORT Smoked Catfish abroad (Flight- courier services, DHL, EMS, and NIPOST)
Other information you will discover in a COMPREHENSIVE MANUAL I have just complied on how to export Smoked Catfish from Nigeria to the UK, US and make over 80% profit.
THE CATFISH EXPORT MANUAL CONTAINS CONTACT (office addresses, email addresses and phone numbers) of over 35 genuine buyers of catfish and other foodstuffs from Nigeria.
In the manual you will also discover how to get contact addresses of other buyers from around the world.


You may want to ask HOW DO I GET THIS SMALL SCALE CATFISH EXPORT MANUAL. The manual plus 3bonus export manual cost N5000 only . To get a copy call me on 08037191728 or 08081632025, email:
Smoked Catfish export from Nigeria is a profitable business any time.
Don’t waste this rare opportunity to earn continuous income in hard currency.
Remain blessed.

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  1. LBO says:

    interested on getting buyers for smoked catfish and Garri abroad urgently! how do I have contacts?

  2. victoria Asemokhe says:

    How do I get to export my smoked fish

  3. Irene Uhunmwangho says:

    j need to export smoked cat fish how do I get buyers

  4. kola aluko says:

    Please how do I get a buyer for my smoke fish abroad

  5. Nkese Johnson says:

    Please how do I get buyer for my smoked fish.

  6. Joseph Akhamokhor says:

    My name is Joseph Akhamiokhor I need a buyer my is not only car fish both sea fish, all need is serious buyer.

  7. Hassan jide says:

    I have catfish farm. How do I get buyers to export to either smoked or dried

  8. abayomi says:

    i need training on the export exercise.

  9. Salubi Simon says:

    What are the equipments to dry catfish and where regular supply of catfish

  10. dele says:

    Lets partner on organizing seminars on meeting standards in exportof agro products
    Remember beans cannot be exported to EU now

  11. stephen falade says:

    am into catfish farming and went for three days catfish smoking training at Federal Institute of Industrial Training Oshodi [ FIIRO ] am interested in this product exportation. Thanks Stephen Falade

  12. Shehu Olaleye says:


    Please i need the manual on how to export smoked cat fish. How can i get it?


  13. Ugochukwu says:

    I am interested

  14. Oluwasanmi says:

    I am very interested please!

  15. we have a hatchery, grow out and smoke house t dry the fish. we want to explore the export market. can you assist us with contact of buyers please

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