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How to make a claim in the event of an accident
The following pragmatic steps are essential in processing a claim to satisfactory conclusions

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i) NOTIFICATION: the insurer must be promptly notified directly or through a broker or agent where they are involved. The incident must also be reported to the police as their report may be needed to substantiate the claim.ii) CLAIMS DOCUMENTATION: All claims notified must be supported with documents that will enable the insurer process, access & and adjust the claim for settlement. It is a lot easier and less cumbersome to put the relevant supporting documents together where a broker is involved, as their expertise will be at the disposal of the insured claimant.
The documents required to support a claim normally would vary from the nature and type of claim i.e. fire, theft, accidental damage or Third party claims. Such documents will include among others:
a) Claim forms which is relevant in all cases must be completed, and are meant to furnish all relevant details and circumstances of the event or loss underlying a claim.
b) Estimates of Repairs in accidental damage cases.
c) Payment Receipts evidencing towing or recovery fees following an accident.
d) All vehicle particulars to ascertain ownership.
Vehicle purchase receipts in the event of fire & theft cases to ascertain original value and the year of purchase
e) Statement of claim from third parties in the event of death, bodily injury or third party property damage.
f) Police Report to ascertain genuineness and verify the circumstances.
It is always advisable and helpful to approach Insurers or handling Brokers for guidance on the approach and steps to adopt in processing of any claim, as a lot of time is saved in concluding a claim.
What to do when an insurance company is delaying your claim
In the event of any delay in claims processing with an insurance company, the first step to take is to ascertain the cause of the delay, and find out if the claims have been fully documented or if there has been a breach of any of the contract/policy terms or conditions. Notwithstanding the findings, from the above enquiries, the insured or claimant has the following options of redress or pursuing their rights.
i) A formal report could be made to the relevant body of Insurers Trade Association-NIA that has in place an OMBUDSMAN panel saddled with the responsibility to investigate and resolve such cases.
– A formal report can also be made to the sectors Regulators-The National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) that has always handled and resolved cases brought before the commission.
– The insured or claimant at his discretion can also institute a legal action in pursuance of their right under the motor insurance policy contract.
The way forward
It is high time for the insurers to place more emphasize on consumerism in their practice, whereby they go the extra mile in the packaging and delivery of their products and services to the ultimate satisfaction of their consumers. The adoption of after sales services to compliment their marketing strategies and efforts could be rewarding to all concerned. In like manner, the Nigerian insurance buying public should be a lot more proactive and willing to imbibe insurance education and awareness, while demanding for the utmost from their insurance services providers.


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