US College Student Returns $1800 Mistakenly Dispenses By ATM

US News – When University of Delaware senior, visited a campus PNC Bank ATM to withdraw some cash, he noticed the machine was making strange noises.

US dollar ATM









The students that had been using the machine before him, seemed to have been taking a long time with their transaction. So, the finance major hesitated before inserting his debit card, and as he waited for a minute, the ATM mistakenly dispensed 18-$100 bills.

Gluck said, “My eyes just opened really wide, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, this is $1,800 right here.’” After a few seconds of looking at the money, the student grabbed the bills and decided he’d figure out what to do with the cash later. Gluck discussed the situation with his best friend and his father and finally decided to return the money four days later.
The student who hopes to go into banking and finance said, “I mean, it was just eating at me at the time because it isn’t mine and I didn’t even know what to do with it.” PNC spokeswoman Marcey Zwiebel said that while she could not comment on the details of the incident, the money had been mistakenly withdrawn from another student’s account and was refunded.
Zweibel said, ““Honesty is always the best policy when talking about money, and keeping money that you’re not authorized to have for any amount of time is unlawful.” Gluck was not reprimanded and the PNC bank branch manager thanked the honest student for doing the right thing.-Naij

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