How to Start Rabbit Farming Business in Nigeria

There are many small scale businesses one can start with little star t up capital in Nigeria and then grow it over time to become a big money spinner.
Rabbit farming is one of the many small scale businesses in Nigeria, most are not aware of and yet it very profitable!

To Setup a Rabbit farm is very easy when compared to other types of agricultural businesses like poultry farming.
All you need is a little start up capital, a small space in your backyard where you construct a simple cage to house and feed your rabbit.
Rabbit meat is called white meat; it is very rich in protein and does not contain cholesterol.
Most people love Rabbit meat more than red meat!
Apart from Rabbit being a source of white meat, they are purchased and used as specimen by many research institutes, their skin provides wool for clothing, it dung and urine are used as organic fertilizer by farmers.
The current market price for selling a matured Rabbit in Nigeria is N3, 000.

So, you see that a lot of cash can be made from the sales of Rabbit in Nigeria. Dear friend don’t look too far, this is another opportunity starring you in the eyes, I only hope you can see the benefit inherent, the way I see it!
The most common breeds of Rabbits you can find in Nigeria are California White, New Zealand White, chinchilla and Flamish Giant.
The Female rabbits start to breed when they reach the age of 6 to 7 months. It gives birth after a month of gestation and produces about 9kits per birth and upto 50kits per year.

STARTUP COST: With N70, 000 you setup a small scale rabbit farm in your backyard.
BUY RABBIT: To start, buy at least buy 10 matured Rabbit (3male and 8female).10 matured Rabbit will cost you N20, 000 at the rate of N2000 each. The 8female Rabbits can produce a total of 200rabbits or more per year. This means you can make up to N600, 000 annually if sell each for N3000 (conservative figure).
And house at least two rabbit in a cage to prevent them from injuring each other. Budget N30, 000 and call your carpenter to build some wire cages for you.
Getting food to feed your Rabbit is not a difficult thing because their feeds are not expensive. Rabbits, don’t select the kind of food they eat, they eat any food human being eats. But since you are rearing them for sale as a meat, it is necessary you give them regular clean water and feed them with feeds that have high nutrient content.
You can feed your Rabbit with fresh green elephant grass, leguminous grass, and leftover food like Rice, e.t.c
CLEAN ENVIRONMENT. Please make sure where you keep your Rabbits are always clean and well ventilated. This will help prevent them from contacting diseases. And please contact a veterinary doctor whenever you notice any disease condition in any of your Rabbit.
Where to sell your matured Rabbit in Nigeria, wouldn’t be a problem at all because there is always market for it. But what you must do while rearing your Rabbits is to create enough public awareness about what do.
Let your friends, neighbors and those living in street know about your rabbit farm, it will shock you to see that they will be the first set of people that will buy Rabbit from your small farm.
Also, you can approach Hotels and Restaurants in Nigeria; they are potentials customers that will buy your Rabbit.
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