How to Setup Light Carton Packaging business in Nigeria

Carton production in Nigeria is a profitable business one can start.
Cartons are paper box used mainly by production companies to package their products against damages while in storage or in transit.                                         There two types of cartons used in packaging products; these are heavy and light cartons. But in this article I will focus on how to start the production of light cartons for packaging products in Nigeria.
Light Cartons are containers made out of light paper materials like card board or chip board paper and are mostly used by Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Beverage, Distillers, Fast foods and Fruit Drinks producers in Nigeria.
Small, medium and large scale production companies in Nigeria spend huge amount of cash annually just to see that their products are well packaged in nice and attractive cartons. Reason is that apart from the use of cartons in protecting products from being damaged, it also the easiest way to attract the attention of consumers to buy a product.
To, partake in the sharing of this huge amount of cash, being spent on cartons by production companies in Nigeria. Below are the steps that will enable you to start generating regular income as a manufacturer or supplier of light cartons to manufacturers in the country.
STEP ONE: Register your carton packaging production business with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC). E.g. Enterprise or a limited liability company.
STEP TWO: Get your MARKETING TOOLS ready e.g. print some complimentary cards, sign up for an email address, GSM phone number, print a letter headed paper and GET A SIMPLE BUSINESS WEBSITE OR BLOG built for you. Call, 08081632025 if you need one
STEP FIVE: Get Dia-cutting PATTERNS (shapes) for different types of light cartons.
Take a particular pattern needed for carton.
Buy some reams of chip board or cardboard paper (depending on the total number of copies of light cartons to supply)
Go to a printer and get the product name and logo and images the company wants to see printed on the carton.
Take the printed chipboard paper to your factory to Die-cut into shape, using a carton Dia-cutting machine. But if you don’t have a carton Dia-cutting machine, take the paper to where you can Dia-cut and pay for it.
Then after Dia-cutting, the next stage is to fold and glue the paper together for the carton to take full shape before supplying them to the company that requested for it.
Light carton production business can make you a millionaire but ensure you do a good job because this is the only way that will encourage manufacturers give you regular contract. If you need a complete feasibility studies on Light carton production business setup in Nigeria,feel free to call me on 08081632025.

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  1. segun ajayi says:

    I am interested in the lighter packaging business and would like to have a rough idea as to minimum capital to start one.

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